Decentralize DC!

Many DC residents wish DC were a state, or at least more like a state.  One thing states have that DC does not are towns and counties, where residents make decisions at a very local level.  Since Libertarians favor individuals getting to make decisions for themselves and their families, having decision making at a more local level is something they also welcome.
Though DC has a central city council and mayor that make laws and budgets and tax codes, why should everything also be administered from this one central, top down government.
As a Delegate to Congress, I would work to have DC re-structured to allow more local control, for example at the Ward level. 
There is no reason each Ward could not have its own school board, elected only by the residents of that Ward, who manage the public schools in that Ward.
Additionally, as DC corrects the failed policy of defunding the police – a policy that has led to an exhausted police force, growing crime, and 50,000 residents leaving DC in 3 years – DC residents should consider having an elected sheriff for and by each Ward.  A local sheriff’s office (with deputy sheriffs) would be the much sought after community policing.  Though DC would have one legal code, different Wards might have different emphases on which of our many problems they would like their local sheriff to make a priority.  Different Wards might take different approaches to noise, panhandling, vagrancy, all terrain vehicles, public nudity, late night fireworks, and the many other problems DC residents are discussing, in addition to rising violent crime.



Secure Our Border and Stop the Chinese Fentanyl

The Biden administration’s open border policy has made every city a border town. Drugs are pouring across the border, but the Biden administration is more focused on persecuting the men and women who work to secure our border than on the criminal smugglers who are killing our fellow Americans. The Democrats’ open border policy is neither humane nor legal.

Every illegal immigrant who comes to Washington, D.C. and enrolls a child in DC public schools cost the taxpayer $29,000 annually per child enrolled, and reduces the resources and opportunities for the children of DC residents.  Though Libertarians favor freedom of movement for every individual we need a merit-based immigration system that makes sure immigrants do not add to the enslavement of DC taxpayers.  And that makes sure the immigrants coming to our country are not being trafficked or abused.

Libertarians also believe adults should be able to ingest whatever substances they wish.  But we have a hostile totalitarian foreign government shipping poison into the U.S.  We must stop this war on Americans and make sure that DC residents are not being poisoned when they think they are buying recreational drugs.  And frankly we should have a growing economy and better educational opportunities so that fewer DC residents decide that using recreational drugs is the best use of their life.  Eleanor and the Democrats are doing nothing about this.

As a writer, I’ve written about my views of immigration policy.

Unleash American Energy

We have a Department of Energy that hates American energy, American jobs, and American energy producers. 

The top of the Energy Department has been exposed as corrupt and self-dealing, sparking multiple inquiries from House and Senate Republicans, as well as government watchdogs.  Wealthy Democrats invest in so called “green” technologies that profit off government subsidies, while DC residents struggle to buy gas or pay their electric bills.

Under the previous administration, our country unleashed the power of American energy.  Under One Party Democratic rule,
faux radicals and crony corporatists are killing our jobs while making us pay our enemies for oil and gas.
   President Biden even took oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserves and gave it to Chinese companies that have business ties to his family.

As your Congressman, I will fight to make America Energy Independent again and stop the Democrats’ corrupt attacks on American energy.


Fight Corruption

The Biden administration is the most corrupt administration of my lifetime, and the corporate media and DC Democrats will never hold it accountable.  The Biden family take bribes from foreign governments and multinational corporations while selling out Americans and leaving many DC residents poorer and with fewer prospects for ever achieving a good life and the American dream.

I need your help to go to Congress so we can finally get some answers. 

The House and Senate have already launched multiple probes of the Biden administration.

As your Congressman, I’m ready on Day One to keep up the pressure to investigate Biden’s corrupt administration and hold those in power accountable.


Bruce Majors’ answers to the Veritas Student Voter Guide

– Please introduce yourself

I have lived in DC since 1980, and after working on a presidential campaign when I first moved to DC, I stopped being politically involved for several years, mainly while I went to graduate school and started a career as a realtor.  I did write freelance for some local and national publications.  In the early 90s someone persuaded me to do some volunteer work for Jack Evans, a local candidate who was elected to the DC city council.  I then did some volunteer work for some local chapters of groups like the Human Rights Campaign, whose members whose members were also my real estate customers.  When the tea party movement came along I was active in it, and wrote a guide to DC for people coming to Glen Beck’s rally in 2010 urging people who have never been here to avoid high crime neighborhoods (which might seem safe since the shiny fancy subway goes to them).  That drove local so-called “progressives” crazy because it was allegedly “racist” – though the only colors I referred to were red, green, yellow, blue and the other colors of our local subway lines.  (DC is now rife with violent crime and my blog would be more salient than ever, but Google eliminated it, though I did archive it on WordPress.)


– Why did you decide to run for public office?
In 2012 some local libertarians begged me to run for office and I resisted.  Eventually I gave in.  I could not imagine what they were thinking.  They wanted someone with local name recognition as they were trying to get enough of the vote that the Libertarian Party could finally get ballot status, so you could register as a Libertarian on voter registration forms, the LP could have primaries, and above all, the Libertarians would not have to spend all their money just on a petition drive to get on the ballot in the next election.  I was known locally in part because I had ads in many local grocery stores for my real estate practice.  It worked and I received around 17,000 votes so the Libertarians became a local “major party.”

– What are the responsibilities associated with the position you are campaigning for?
DC Delegate Norton is appointed to and votes on many Congressional committees.  She is assigned to all the committees that control the sale and leasing of federal properties in DC.  Perhaps not coincidentally, the $400,000 she receives in donations each election cycle comes almost entirely from out-of-state real estate developers, construction industry unions, and then government sector unions.  No journalists ever investigate any of these connections.  Delegate Norton also keeps herself busy with many other issues.  She wrote and sponsored the legislation to make vaping illegal at airports and train stations, for example.

– What experience (elected or unelected) do you possess that qualifies you for this office?
I have a wide variety of work experiences in real estate, teaching, writing for publications and for television shows, investigating fraud for a job with a federal agency, and graduate study in both political philosophy and in public policy.

– Should you get elected, what are the top three priorities you would advocate for?
Decentralizing DC so more government functions – like zoning or policing – are done at a more local level (Wards), and having Congress reconstitute DC so there are Ward based school boards or elected sheriffs for each Ward.  More local control and elections because (1) our current city wide government is failing to address rising crime, failing schools, etc. and 2) our failed government has so dispirited voters that 73% did not participate in the June primary – as a result our Mayor is being re-elected with the support of only 14% of the voters.



Policy-related Questions

– How would you describe yourself politically?
Libertarian.  I believe every adult ultimately owns themselves and should control and be responsible for their own life and decisions.

– A NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist National Poll released on September 8th, 2022 reported that:
“Inflation (30%) is the number-one voting issue for Americans . . .With 62% of Americans saying they think the U.S. economy is in a recession, it is not surprising that economic issues are driving the political dialogue.” If elected, how would you combat economic difficulties?
Inflation is caused by the federal government creating fiat credit and currency to finance deficit spending.  I favor reducing federal spending.

– DC is facing numerous crises (housing, public transit, affordability, etc.) what power does this
office have to tackle these issues?
Delegate Norton’s response to dramatically rising violent crime has been to sponsor legislation to address mail theft and to punish hate crimes.  Since Norton and Mayor Bowser are incompetent to deal with their own failed policies I favor creating decentralized Ward based school boards and sheriffs’ offices so residents can solve problems at a local level.

– What is your stance on abortion and access to reproductive care?
I favor moving American abortion policy toward the less extremist policies popular in Europe, where you are expected to have an abortion in the first 15 weeks, and need a medical justification for having a late term abortion.  I’m happy for DC voters to have referendums deciding at which week of pregnancy to use in such a law.

– Do you support DC statehood? If yes, how would this be achieved?
Under Delegate Norton and Mayor Bowser DC has lost 50,000 residents in the past 3 years and will be smaller than the smallest states (Vermont and Wyoming) in the next two years.   I think DC Statehood should be conditioned on DC being bigger than the tiniest states and on the DC polity having well over 50% of voters participating in elections.  Without that the current political establishment is a failed state, and the incumbents involved should be rewarded with a promotion to being Senators and Governors.

– How do you differentiate yourself from your opponent(s)?
That’s not hard.  It’s pretty obvious.  People are welcome to read my campaign website: or my publications listed on my LinkedIn profile:

– What policies do you support that would specifically benefit young people?
I favor (1) reducing violent crime, (2) increasing school choice, (3) eliminating regulations that make it hard to build abundant housing and (4) eliminating licensure and permitting that makes it hard to start a business or career.

– Will you accept the results of your election, regardless of outcome?
I fully expect that the incumbents will almost all be re-elected, even if it is with only the support of 20% of registered voters.

Wrap Up Questions

– What would you say to youth who want to get involved in politics?
I’d say to go for it.  Especially if they are libertarians.  But DC especially needs people to be active in down ballot races like school board.

– Who has influenced you the most as a person?
I’m leaning to saying one of my college professors, actually a married couple who were college professors.  They aren’t actually libertarians, but they did, I learned, vote for me after they moved to DC.  I can’t name them though because I don’t want to violate their privacy.  And they aren’t really responsible for my activities.  But their votes meant a lot to me.

Beyond that all the standard libertarian writers influenced me:  FA Hayek, Ayn Rand, Zora Neale Hurston, Isabel Patterson, Jane Jacobs, Robert Nozick, etc.

– What’s one thing you want voters to know about you?
I support your freedom to flourish and live your best life.

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